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The Earth Life Web is a web site dedicated to supplying you with all the information you want about life on this planet. In short, it is an encyclopedia of life on earth.
It is now, and perhaps will always be, 'under construction'. There is a lot of life on planet earth so it will take some time for me to write about all of it. Just typing out the names of all the species would take me well over 10 years, however I have no intention of trying to do that. Even so there is still a lot of writing I have to do, so please be patient.
Apart from a few general pages the site will be broken up into a series of subdomains, each one a complete site in its own right, i.e. /insects/ or /birds/ etc. see below.
I believe that we, as human beings, are lucky to have come into existence on such a beautiful planet. I also believe that obtaining a better understanding of the world around us, particularly the living aspects of it, is an important step along the journey to both peace within ourselves and to our success as a species.
I am enjoying creating this site and I hope you will enjoy reading what is written here.





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The Living World? What is a Living Thing? Cells the Basis of Life
The Six Kingdoms Evolution & Genetics

What is a Species?


The Earthlife Web Chapters

Site Name Site URL Launch Date
The Wonderful World of Insects WWW.EarthLife.Net/Insects/ May 1995
The Amazing World of Birds WWW.EarthLife.Net/Birds/ September 1999
The Incredible World of Mammals WWW.EarthLife.Net/Mammals/ April 2000
Lovable Lichens WWW.EarthLife.Net/Lichens/ June 2000
The Mighty Microbes (Bacteria and Archaea) WWW.EarthLife.Net/Prokaryotes/ March 2001
The Myriad Invertebrates (Worms, Slugs, Starfish etc.) WWW.EarthLife.Net/Inverts/ December 2001
The Delightful World of the Chelicerata (Mites, Spiders, Scorpions etc.) WWW.EarthLife.Net/Chelicerata/ May 2003
The Picturesque World of Fish and Sharks WWW.EarthLife.Net/fish/ January 2008






Have You Seen The Other Earthlife Web Chapters
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