Save the Cranes

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Save the Cranes

by Anatoliy Greshnikov

51 pages of Text
69 colour photos
ISBN = 954 642 140 5
Price = US$
Published 2001

Cranes are amazing birds, large and impressive to see, intelligent and fascinating to study, they represent a reservoir of immense avain beauty on our planet. All cranes belong to the family Gruidae, a small family both in terms of species, there are only 15 species of cranes on this planet, and in term of numbers. All 15 species have suffered dramatic reductions in numbers over the last 50 years as a result of mankinds activities, many are now rare and protected but still they suffer.

This small book is the heart warming tale of one man's dedication, despite the ignorant opposition of his fellow humans, to save some of the cranes of far eastern Russia. It is not a story that is over, but as far as it goes it is a success story, but not one without its share of woes.

The book is written in English, and I must admit the English is not always the best, the author does not have English as his first language and is not really a linguist, however in a way this enhances the beauty of the tale. The book also contains a few of typos (as do many books), but I would urge you to ignore these and to concentrate on enjoying the tale.

For anyone interested in conservation or in birds this book will be an enjoyable read. Personally I would I think the work of Vladimir Andronov and all the other people like him, struggling against often huge odds to save the natural beauty of this world, should be much more widely known and talked about. The small size of this book would make it an excellent starting point for ecology discussion in the classroom.

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