An Index to the Chelicerata Chapter of The Earthlife Web



Acari A brief introduction to the Acari or Mites.
Amblypygi An introduction to the Amblypygi or Whip Spiders.
Arachnid An introduction to the Arachnida.
Arachnophobia Notes on the fear of spiders.
Araneae An introduction to the true spiders.
Chelicerata An introduction to the Chelicerata.
Harvestmen An introduction to the Opiliones or Harvestmen.
Merostomata An introduction to the Merostomata or Horseshoe crabs.
Myths about Tarantulas Some ancient myths concerning tarantulas.
Palpigradi An introduction to the Palpigradi or miniature whip scorpions.
PycnogonidaAn introduction to the Pycnogonida or Sea Spiders.
Safari The Great Household Spider Safari
Spider Anatomy An introduction to the anatomy of spiders.
Scorpion Notes on keeping scorpions.
Scorpionidae An introduction to Scorpions.
Silk An introduction to this amazing substance and the ways spiders use it.
Spider Ecology Additional ecological topics not covered in other pages including conservation, mimicry, habitat selection, moulting and growth.
Spider Feeding An introduction to the feeding ecology of spiders.
Spider Flirting The things male spiders do to stay alive.
Spiders and Man Interactions with spiders and spider silk.
Spider and the Fly The old poem 'The Spider and the Fly' by Mary Howitt.
Spider Reproduction An introduction to the to the reproductive ecology of spiders.
Sunscorpions An introduction to the Uropygi or Sunscorpions.
Tarantulas Notes on keeping tarantulas.
Venom Some notes on spider venom.
The Web of Evolution The evolution of the spiders and their webs.
Whip Scorpions An introduction to the Thelyphonida or Whipscorpions.







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