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Books have always been one of my great loves so it is a real pleasure for me to be able to review some of the currently available works on arthropods and their ecology. Some of these books are of broad general interest such as Smith's 'The Tarantulas of North America', others are more specialised such as Fedorenko's 'Reclassification of the World Dyschiriini'. I have graded the books into four general catagories, (i) Specialist, this means that unless you are working in this books particular field you will find it rather heavy going, (ii) Student, this means the book is particularly aimed at higher secondary and university undergratuate students, which means the book is fully referenced and will assume some knowledge of biology on the part of the reader, many of these books are well written and will be enjoyable for non-students to read (iii) General, this means anybody who has an interest in the subject should enjoy this, and (iv) Junior, this means the book is specifically aimed at younger readers. Some of the books are primarily taxonomic works but with a good helping of ecology, you will find these in both catagories.
Finally I have to thank all the publishers who have so kindly sent me the books in the so that I have been able to review them here.

Most of the book reviews on these pages are also a linked to from the most relevant subject pages within this site. However you find them I hope you enjoy them.

The Books Sorted by Publishers.

Apollo Books Biological Records Centre ITE Cambridge University Press
Clarion Books Chapman and Hall Collins
Crowood Press Fitzgerald Publishing Kathleen Hancock
Harley Books Kluwer Academic Publishers Manaaki Whenua Press
Oxford University Press Reed Publishing Australia Pensoft Publishing
Sandhill Crane Press University of NSW Press

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The Books Sorted By Subject

Spiders Scorpions and Allies Mites

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GeneralSpiders of Australia: An Introduction to their Classification, Biology and Distribution by Trevor J. Hawkeswood
GeneralFauna of New Zealand No.44. Lycosidae (Arachnida : Araneae) By C. J. Vink
GeneralThe Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids, by Jae C. Choe and Bernard J. Crespi (Eds).
GeneralThe Evolution of Social Behaviour in Insects and Arachnids, by Jae C. Choe and Bernard J. Crespi (Eds).
GeneralThe Spiders of Panama, by Wolfgang Nentwig
GeneralThe Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland, by Michael J. Roberts
GeneralThe Tarantula, by William J Baerg
GeneralA Field Guide to Spiders and Scorpions of Texas, by John A. Jackman
JuniorSpider Boy, by Ralph Fletcher
GeneralThe Natural History of Spiders by Rod and Ken Preston-Mafham.
GeneralBiology of Spiders 2nd Edition, by Rainer F. Foelix
GeneralTarantula SpidersTarantulas of USA and Mexico, by Andrew M. Smith
GeneralSpiders of Britain and Northern Europe by Michael J. Roberts,
GeneralSpiderwatch; a guide to Australian Spiders
SpecialistCatalogue of the linyphiid spiders of Northern Asia (Arachnida, Araneae, Linyphiidae) by K. Y. Eskov.

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Scorpions and Allies

GeneralWhip Spiders (Chelicerata: Amblypygi) by Peter Weygoldt
GeneralThe Biology of Camel Spiders (Arachnida Solifugae), by Fred Punzo
GeneralScorpions of Medical Importanceby Hugh L Keegan
GeneralScorpions, A Comprehensive Guide, by Kathleen Hancock

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StudentUrban Entomology:Insect and Mite pests in the Human Environment, by W. H. Robinson
GeneralMites: Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour, by David Walters and Heather Proctor
GeneralProvisional Atlas of the ticks (Ixoidea) of British Isles. , by K. P. Martyn
GeneralCo-evolution of the tamarisks (Tamaricaceae) and pest arthropods (Insecta; Arachnida; Acarina), with special reference to biological control prospects. by O. V. Kovalev

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