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The Dipterists Forum was launched at Dipterists Day on 12th of November 1994 at the Natural History Museum, London. It arose out of the old Diptera Recording Schemes' Central Panel and is now a fully fledged society dedicated to the study of the Diptera of Britain. It produces a number of publications and organizes a large number of workshops and meetings both indoors and out. See also the web forum, which, while not related is more international.




It produces and distributes a journal called the Dipterists Digest which goes out twice a year in April/May and November hopefully to coincide with Dipterists Day November 12th, as well as its own bulletin (Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum), also twice a year, in March and September, along with the various recording scheme newsletters to those who are subscribed to them.
The Bulletin allows communication of information of all sorts, apart from actual papers which should be submitted to the Journal, between Dipterists both professional and amateur, as well as serving as a broad sheet to advertise the various meetings and workshops both indoors and outdoors organized by the various aspects of the Society.

Recording Schemes

The recording schemes are run under the banner of the Dipterists Forum, their main aim is the collecting and maintenance of accurate records of species populations distributions. They allow specialist groups to communicate directly with one another and produce their own newsletters, members of the Dipterist Forum chose whether or not to subscribe to these;
some of the recording schemes are.


To receive the Bulletin and the Newsletters you should join the Forum which costs £5.00. If you also wish to receive the Dipterists Digest you should send an additional £7.00. all enquiries concerning Membership should be sent to the Membership Secretary,

Liz Howe, Ger-y-Parc, Marianglas, Benllech, Gwynedd, LL74 8NS



Editors Note:- The infomation above is well out of date now, I do not know if the Dipterists forum still functions.



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