Some Suppliers of Entomological Accessories

There are an awful lot of entomological suppliers in the world and this list does not attempt to be exhaustive in any way, if you can not find what you want here try Iowa State Entomology Index: Companies. Otherwise people who want to know more should; in England get a copy of the 'Directory for Entomologists' from the Amateur Entomologists Society and in America check out this list at the University of Michigan, or for the world get a copy of the 'Insect Study Source Book' from the Young Entomologists Society (YES) E-Mail Gary Dunn at or write Snail Mail to
Young Entomologists' Society 1915 Peggy Place, Lansing MI 48910-2553 USA
Phone/fax: 517-887-0499



However it is worth noting that in some places, livestock, books and even equipment are easily come by in ordinary retailers. Also it is always worth joining some of the relevent societies, who distribute livestock cheaply or even free to members and often get discounts on useful books. Through societies it is also possible to have advance warning of shows and exhibitions which are generally the best places to satisfy all your entomological needs, there are many of these around the world.

Finally if you know of anybody who really should be on this list, or of any errors please let me know mrgordonramel(at)




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Suppliers of Entomological Equipment


Watkins and Doncaster, The Naturalists.(Undoubtedly the best known in the UK, supplying everything)
Contact :- P.O. Box 5, Cranbrook, Kent, England. TN18 5EZ
Telephone :- +44 (0)1580 753133
Fax :- +44 01580 754054

Gb Nets, (specialists in aquatic sampling equipment for amateur and professional, mesh sizes 2mm to 30microns)
Contact :- GB Nets, P.O. Box 1, Bodmin, Cornwall PL31 1YJ England.

GB Nets
Telephone :- UK 01208 77400
Fax :- UK 01208 77400

Alan Ecological (A wide range of equipment including Marris House Nets, binoculars, microscopes, mammal traps, water testing equipment, bat detectors, radio tracking equipment and books.)
Internet :-
E-Mail :-
Telephone :- UK 01588 630 173

B & S Entomological Services. (Now the owners of Marris House Nets) Marris House Nets ( collecting and flight nets, rearing cages, bait, Malaise and Heath traps etc) My Personnal Choice for Nets
Contact :- 37 Derrycarne Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, BT62 1PT, N. Ireland, UK
Telephone :- +44 (0)77 6738 6751 or +44 (0)28 3833 6922
Fax :- +44 (0)28 3833 6922
E-Mail :-
Internet :-

Custom Aquaria (glass vivaria, both basic and custom made)
Contact :- Eand F, Mark Grove House, Allen Road, Rushden, Northhants NN10 0DU
Phone :- 01933 56894

Meiji Techno UK Ltd. (Was Hampshire Micros) high and low power microscopes hand lenses etc.
Meiji Techno UK Ltd
Contact :- Mr M Edwards,17 High Street, Nailsea, North Somerset, BS48 1AU. E-Mail:
Telephone :-01275 797750
Fax :- 01275 797760

Brunnel Microscopes (microscopes new and 2nd hand and associated accessories).
Brunel Microscopes
Contact :- Unit 12, Bumpers, Bumpers Ind. Est., Chipenham, Wilts. SN14 6QA
Telephone :- 01249 462655
Fax :- 01249 445156

Northern Biological Supplies (microspical accessories)
Contact :- Northern Biological Supplies Ltd, 3 Betts Avenue, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 7RH.
Telephone :- 01473 623995, or 01473 252616
Fax :- 01437 612148

Hillside Books Canterbury
Contact :- Lydie Rigout, Hillside Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8ET, U.K.
Fax:- 01227 456013 (international: +44 1227 456013)

Australian Entomological Supplies.
Contact: P.O. Box 250, Bangalow N.S.W. 2479 Australia
Telephone +61 (02) 6684 7650
Fax: +61 (02) 6684 7188

North America

BioQuip Products--(Entomological & Botanical equipment, books, software - the best!)
Contact :- 17803 LaSalle Avenue, Gardena, CA 90248-3602.
Telephone :- 310-324-0620
Fax :- 310-324-7931

Carolina Biological Supply-- (full line of living and preserved biological materials, supplies, etc)
Contact :- 2700 York Road, Burlington, NC 27215.
Telephone: 800-334-5551
Fax: 919-584-3399

Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Co.-- (Collecting & storage equipment; supplies etc)
Contact :- P.O. Box 326, Southampton, MA 01073

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.-- (Full catalog of field supplies & equipment etc.)
Contact :- P.O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS 39284-8397.
Phone: 601-354-3565
Fax: 800-543-4203.

Gilbert Insect Light Traps-- (IPM supplies, insect traps etc)
Contact :- 5611 Kreuger Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401.
Phone: 800-643-0400;
Fax: 501-932-5609.

Insect Lore--(Educational materials, books, kits, etc!!)
Contact :- P.O. Box 1535, Shafter, CA 93263.
Phone: 805-746-6047.

Benz Microscope Optics Center-- (Excellent selection of low-cost microscopes for hobbyists, schools, and professionals)
Contact :- 749 Airport Blvd. S1A, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.
Fax: 313-994-9090 .

NASCO West, Inc.--(boxes, drawers, equipment & supplies etc)
Contact :- P.O. Box 3837, Modesto, CA 95353.
Phone: 209-529-6957.

Ward's Natural Science Establishment--(all kinds of supplies for biology/entomology)
Contact :- P.O. Box 92912, Rochester, NY 14692-9012.
Phone: 716-359-2502.

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Suppliers of Entomological Literature

See also my Book Review pages for many books currently in print



Apollo Books
Both a publisher and a distributor of a large range of entomological literature.
Contact the at:- Kirkeby Sand 19, DK 5771 Stenstrup, Denmark
Phone + 45 62263737
Fax + 45 62263780
Email :-
Or visit their WebSite

Intercept Ltd.
Both a publisher and a distributor of entomological literature, particularly notable for the Bulletins of The Natural History Museum, and Ray Society Publications.
Intercept Limited, P.O. Box 716, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1YG UK.
Phone :- +44 (0)1264 334748
Fax:- +44 (0)1264 334058

The Natural History Bookshop the biggest and the best, but only books currently in print.


Books For Naturalists (books, journals and papers on all aspects of Natural History)
Contact :- Mr Eve, Woolhanger Manor, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon. EX31 4RF
Phone :- 01598 763538

David Dunbar (specialist in books and prints relating to lepidoptera)
Contact :- Mr David J. Dunbar, 31 Llanvanor Road, Childs Hill, London. NW2 2AR
Phone :- 01814 559612

E. W. Classey Limited (secondhand, new and antiquarian entomological books)
Contact :- Mr E. W. Classey Ltd, P.O.Box 93, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7DR.
Phone :- +44 (0) 1367 244700
Fax :- +44 (0) 1367 244800
Email :-

Pemberley Books (natural history books, secondhand, antiquarian and new)
Contact :- Mr Ian A. Johnson, 34 Melrose close, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0AZ
Phone :- 01753 631115
Fax :- 01753 631115#
Email :-

Hillside Books Canterbury
Contact :- Lydie Rigout, Hillside Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8ET, U.K.
Fax:- 01227 456013 (international: +44 1227 456013)


Australian Entomological Supplies Pty. Ltd.
Contact: P.O. Box 250, Bangalow N.S.W. 2479 Australia
Telephone +61 (02) 6684 7188
Fax: +61 (02) 6684 7188


Sciences Nat SA
Contact :- J Rigout, B.P. 1 F-60280 VENETTE, F-60280 Compaigne, France.
Telephone :- +33 (0) 3-44-83-31-10
Fax :- +33 (0) 3-44-83-41-01


Antiquariat Goecke and Evers
Suppliers of all kinds of entomological books from all over the world, new, second hand and antiquarian or out of print.
Contact :- Antiquariat Goecke and Evers, Inh. Erich Bauer, Sportplatzweg 5, D- 75210 Keltern, Germany.
Telephone :- 07236 7174
Fax :- 07236 7325
WWW site :-

Dr. Hildegard Winkler
Fachgeschäft und Buchhandlung für Entomologie
Insects, Entomological Books & Supplies
Dittesgasse 11, A-1180 WIEN, Austria - Europe
Tel ephone :- 43 1 470 47 60
FAX +43 1 470 47 604

North America

Insect Lore--( Educational materials, books, kits, etc!! )
Contact :- P.O. Box 1535, Shafter, CA 93263.
Phone: 805-746-6047.

John Johnson Books--(natural history bookseller)
Contact :- RFD 2, North Bennington, VT 05257.

Julian Nadolny-- ( natural history bookseller)
Contact :- 121 Hickory Hill Road, Kensington, CT 06037.

Sandhill Crane Press--(Entomology Books and Publications)
Contact :- 2406 NW 47th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32606-6583.
Phone: 904-371-9858
Fax: 904-371-0962. <

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Suppliers of Entomological Livestock

In England

Ronald N. Baxter Entomologist (My first port of call if I cannot get it free, also some literature)
Contact :- R.N.Baxter, 45 Chudleigh Cresent, Seven Kings Ilford, Essex IG3 9AT.
Phone :- 01815 903285

Cicada Biological Supply
We specialise in captive-bred exotic invertebrates plus books and equipment etc.
Contact :- White Leaved Oak, Bromsberrow, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1SE England.
Tel. 01531 650059
Fax. 01531 650518

Butterfly Conections... (Mainly Lepidoptera and some Stick-Insects and Mantids)
Contact :- 'Caribana' Silver Street, Misterton, Nr Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8NH.
Phone :- 01460 73586

Virginnia Cheesman...(Breeder and supplier of captive bred invertebrates)
Contact :- Mrs V. J. Cheesman, 3 Sutton Rd, Heston, Houndslow, Middlesex, TW5 0PG.

In North America

Bio-Serv -- (Live insects, culture media, rearing equipment) Contact :- P.O. Box 450, Frenchtown, NJ 08825.
Phone: 800-473-2155
Fax: 908-996-4123

Butterfly Lane -- (live Lepidoptera)
Contact :- 6524 Stoneman Drive, North Highland, CA 95660.
Phone: 916-344-8478

Great Lakes IPM -- ( IPM products, live insects, insect traps, pheromones )
Contact :- 10220 Church Rd. NE, Vestaburg, MI 48891.
Phone: 517-268-5693
Fax: 517-268-5820

IPM Laboratories, Inc.--(Bio Control, supplies, live insects )
Contact :- Maine Street, Locke, NY 13092-0099.
Phone: 315-497-3129
Fax: 315-497-3129.


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Suppliers of Entomological Software

North America

Maxis-- (SimAnt - computer simulation of an ant colony )
Contact :- Two Theatre Square, Suite 230, Orinda, CA 94563-3041.
Phone: 415-254-9700.

R.W. Garrison-- (Software - Mealybug computer key - IBM)
Contact :- 3400 LaMadera Ave., El Monte, CA 91732.

Troll Associates-- (Computer Software for Education)
Contact :- 100 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430.
Phone: 800-526-5289

DED Electronic Publishing-- (PC -based entomological software)
Contact :- 10306 E. Live Oak Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007

Eat-A-Bug Software-- (Collection Management software for Mac, PC & Apple II.)
Contact :- 22916 Via Pimiento, Mission Viejo, CA 92691.
Phone: 714-768-5852

Educorp-- (Software (Creepy Crawlies, Butterflies of the World CD ROM))
Contact :- 7143 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121.
Phone: 800-843-9497

Entomation-- (Macintosh , PC, and Apple // software for Entomology, Horticulture, Clip Art. The EntoPrint labeling software for Mac and Windows )
Contact :- 2742 Beacon Hill, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6502.
Phone: 313-971-6033.

Intellimation Library for Macintosh-- (Computer Software)
Contact :- P.O. Box 1922, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1922.
Phone: 805-685-2100.

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Suppliers of Entomological Nick-Nacks

Spearpins Home of the world's most wonderful pins many of which are entomological
Contact :- Bill Spear, 227 7th Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801.
Phone :- 907-586-2209
Fax :- 907-586-6858

MirthWorks Creations-- (Insect Jewelry)
Contact :- P.O. Box 138, Guysville, OH 45735.
Phone: 614-662-2001.

Second Skin Studios ..(Entomology T-shirts)
Contact :- P.O. Box 742 Winter Haven FL 33882.
Phone: 813-299-9406

Atlas Screenprinting-- (Tremendous selection of full-color insect art on t-shirts.)
Contact :- 131 SE 10th Av Gainesville FL 32601.
Phone: 800-456-5222
Website: Wild Cotton

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