Entomology at Colarado State University A very comprehensive site, for professionals and amateurs alike.
Entomology at the Iowa state University
A list of Entomological Databases A Megloblatta sized list compiled by L. B. Bjostad and J. K. VanDyk
Biosis Previews From the University of California
Entomology at Kentucky University
Museo Del Instituto De Zoologia Agricola
Entomology at Oklahoma State University
Entomology at Mississippi State University
Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
Hotlist on Insects


Bugman Enterprises
Pictures from the Smithsonian Institute
Entomology Index of Internet Resources: K-12 Educators' Recommended Sites
How the Honey Bee got Her Hum Fun to Read
Insects as Food Some recipes I admit I haven't tried yet.
The Bug Closet A rapidly growing collection of Arthropods, University of Central Florida Orlando
Finnish Entomology A very good bilingual site with Finnish checklists for several orders.
Flea News
The Pherolist A list of the Sex Attractants and Pheromones of the Lepidoptera.
The Butterfly Web site
Formis An Ant Bibliography
The Glowworm Page
Bruchid Beetle Page
The Acquatic Beetle Mostly Taxonomic
Virtual Insectary
Mayfly Page
The Chironomid Home Page
The Simuliid Home Page
Bee Keepers Home Page.
Forensic Entomology
Gypsy Moth in North America
Monarch Watch
Insect conservation with a particular emphasis on Lepidoptera
Illinois Entomology
Entomological books A Quirky list of peoples favourite Entomological books.
The Domminick Moth and Butterfly Collection
Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
Dutch Butterflies
Butterfly Consevation
Flora-for-Fauna Home Page
Yahoo on Insects
A List of Entomological CD ROMS
Insect Collections
Entomology Home Page
Amazing Insects
Rare and Protected Species
UD Entomology Home Page
Entomology for Beginners
Hawaiian Arthropod Checklist Database
The Worldwide Museum of Natural History Includes some insect fossils and images.
Newfoundland Insectarium 
Insect Investigations
Insect Pests, in the USA
USDA-APHIS Niles Plant Protection Site USDA -- Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-- Plant Protection and Quarantine
Insect pest predators and parasites Some commercially available biocontol species, (In America)
Museum of the Centre for Entomological Studies, Ankara
Butterflies of West Asia North Africa and Europe (BWNE)
A useful site on Bio/Pest control
A List of North American Suppliers of Beneficial Insects
And finally, for those who believe??.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects



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