Just A L'yll Old toy Store Lots of entomological toys
If it's all too much try a little Zen
Or if the future is unsure you could try consulting the following:-
Buddhism on the Web A good site.
The Tarot Cards
The 'I Ching'
Or even your BioRhythms
If you don't know what to do, why not ask the WWW Ouija Board
Ofcourse there are simpler, and tastier solutions The Beer Page
The XFiles Scarier than something??
Cyber-Cat Just a quicky for those few bored moments.
Starting Point A good place to begin investigating the web
Exeters Planatarium Including links to alot of other Astronomical sites.
Downtown AnywhereThe Front Door
Devil Bunnies (what can I say) The X Files
Lego Net Go on, your dying to find out.
The Krib For Freshwater Aquariasts



Have You Seen The Other Earthlife Web Chapters
The Home Page of the Fish The Birds Home Page The Insects Home Page The Mammals Home Page The Prokaryotes Home Page The Lichens Home Page

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