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Because so many of you have asked for it, here are a series of thumbnail lists of the imagery (jpgs only) used, or intending to be used, on this site. Some of the photography is not brilliant I will admit, and mostly where it isn't, its mine. I have acknowledged the owners where ever known. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger Smith, Peter Sutton, Ian Sant, Rob Lind and Phil Bragg for kindly donating images for this site and Ian Sant for scanning in the slides, thus making many of them available. Please note that all photographs are the owners property, and have been donated to this site for use on it only. Though you may, if you wish, contact them should you desire to use any of their images. Most of the imagery here is already or will be also available from the related pages that make up this site. If you have insect or related images you would like to donate to this site please contact me Gordon Ramel otherwise browse and enjoy. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the full image, I apologize that I have not yet had time to put in the file sizes.



General Images







True Flies


True Bugs


Bee, Ants & Wasps 1


Bee, Ants & Wasps2

Butterflies & Moths 1


Butterflies & Moths 2


Butterflies & Moths 3


Butterflies & Moths 4

Dragons & Damsels 1


Dragons & Damsels 2


Grasshoppers & Relatives 1


Grasshoppers & Relatives 2

Paintings etc





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