Gordon's Entomological Home Page (now The Wonderful World of Insects) was originally designed as an interactive site aimed primarily at UK schools doing 'mini-beasts' , though I hoped children of all ages and occupations will find some enjoyment within its domain.

However like all creations it has grown in its own directions, largely as a result of the wonderful support of you the user, and now I can not say that it is aimed at any particular audience except people who want to know more about insects and spiders etc. Though I still try to write it in a fashion that children can understand these days I tend to include more and more information and also indepth bibliographies for higher level school students and undergraduates. The site is far from complete and I have a huge list of pages I am trying to get done for it, but at the moment I have to earn a living working 7 days a week as a night attendant in a petrol services and spend about 1.5 hours a day answering your questions so it is slow going.

It owes much in its conception to the Bug Club a more material group with similar aims which I have had the pleasure to be working with since 1991.

It means that like all biological entities GEHP needs to develop a positive relationship with its environment, this means you. I and my panel of experts (several stick-insects and a cockroach) would like you to tell us what you think of what we have done so far and what you would like us to do in the future. We are also looking forward to answering your questions because that's really why we are here. We welcome questions from both children and adults, especially those amazing individuals known as teachers.


I would also like to thank all the staff at I.T.Services here at the University of Exeter, particularly Brad Bagihole, for their continual good mannered, and excellent help and support while I was learning the basics of html, and throughout the subsequent development of GEHP during all its time at Exeter. It was a sad in many ways to leave their but it had to happen. I would also like to point out that I am not an expert in anything and that the knowledge displayed here is the result of the efforts of numerous entomologist/biologists down the ages from Wootton to Darwin, and on through the likes of Fabre, Huxely, Lubbock, Burr, Oldroyd and Imms to Chinery, Linsley, Falk and Stubbs to mention but a few whose writings have inspired and informed me over the last few years. I sincerely hope anybody who has found some love or interest in insects from these pages will follow up this love and allow it grow by watering it with some of the huge amount of information to be found in books. Either by going to your local library and getting some some of these classic Entomological books. to read. Or else perhaps by buying for yourself some of these reviewed books Book Review Page

Finally I must stress that the "state of the art" in taxonomic classification schemes has not been used, instead I have stuck with the more conservative but still basically functional scheme set out by Imms in the 1988 reprinting of the tenth edition of his Textbook of Entomology.

I hope you enjoy it all, the world of insects is both beautiful and endlessly fascinating.



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