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Insect Books on Amazon.com
Awesome Insects, by Andrew Whittington
Spider Boy, by Ralph Fletcher
Extremely Weird Insects, by Sarah Lovett
Extremely Weird Spiders, by Sarah Lovett
The Butterfly Book A Kid's guide to Attracting, Raising and Keeping butterflies, by Kersten Hamilton
Peterson Colouring Book Guides: Butterflies, by Robert Michael Pyle and Sarah Anne Hughes
Peterson Colouring Book Guides: Insects, by Robert Michael Pyle and Kristin Kest
Peterson Flash Guides: Butterflies, by Paul Opler and Amy Bartlett Wright
Peterson First Guides: Butterflies and Moth, by Paul Opler and Amy Bartlett Wright
Peterson First Guides: Insects, by Christopher Leahy and Richard E. White
Your First Millipede and Cockroach, by Nick Baker
Ned Kelly and the City of the Bees, by T. Keneally
Trouble in Bugland, A Collection of Inspector Mantis Mysteries, by W. Kotzwinkle.
Insectsby M.Chinery
Butterflies and Moths of Britain and Europe, by by H. Hofmann and T. Marktanner
Butterflies and Moths by M. Chinery
Nature Facts (Pocket Book), by Scarlet O'Hara
Butterflies and Moths (Pocket Book), by Barbara Taylor.
Insects (Pocket Book)
Butterflies and Moths (Explorer), by John Feltwell
Insects (Explorer), by Steve Parker
Insect (Eyewitness Guide), by Laurence Mound
Amazing Bugs (Inside Guide), by Miranda Macquitty
The Really Wicked Droning Wasp, by Theresa Greenaway
The Really Hairy Scary Spider, by Theresa Greenaway
Ultimate Sticker Books (Bugs and Creepy Crawlies)
Pests Have Enemies Too Teaching Young Scientists about Biological Control, by Michael R. Jeffords and Audrey S. Hodgins.
How to Collect and Preserve Insects By, Kathleen R. Methven, Michael R. Jeffords, Richard A. Weinzierl and Kathryn C. McGiffen
The Humerous world of Animals and Insects, by Fred W. Otten


 Insect Books on Amazon.com

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