The Lepidopterists' Society

The Lepidopterists' Society ("Lep. Soc.") is an international organization dedicated to serving as a common meeting ground for amateurs and professionals interested in all aspects of lepidopterology. There are currently approximately 1600 members in over 60 countries, though the majority of them occur in United States and Canada.


The Society publishes Journal of The Lepidopterists' Society and News of the Society on a quarterly basis plus a Season Summary and in even-numbered years a Membership Directory .


Membership is on a calendar year basis;
All new members receive a copy of the most recent Membership Directory (with an index to subject areas of interest to members and a geographic index to members' places of residence, useful for quickly finding members in specific parts of the world), plus all publications for the calendar year in which they join.

Dues (in U.S. dollars) are:-
Student ($15),
Regular ($35),
Sustaining ($50),
Life ($700).
Institutional subscriptions (libraries and other organizations, not listed in the Membership Directory) are $50.

Dues, made payable to "The Lepidopterists' Society" (check drawn on a U.S. bank, money order, Visa, or MasterCard) should be mailed to:

Ron Leuschner, Assistant Treasurer, 1900 John Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-2608, U.S.A.
(If using a charge card, provide complete number plus expiration date, and original signature of card holder.)

Application blanks are available from Julian P. Donahue or Ron Leuschner; you may join without one, but the form allows new members to provide information to be included in the Membership Directory (and elect to have some or all of their membership information omitted from the Directory).

Information on renting the Society's mailing list for commercial purposes (available in 3-up Cheshire or 2-up self-adhesive Avery labels) is available from me.

Julian P. Donahue, Assistant Secretary The Lepidopterists' Society Natural History Museum 900 Exposition Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90007-4057, U.S.A.







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