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My academic credentials are available in my Curriculum Vitae for those who wish to know.

February 18th 2001 :- Update

I now live in Kerkini on the edge of Lake Kerkini in Northern Greece where the weather is great, but littering is aweful, really they through their gabbage everywhere. I put up with it gladly though for the sunshine and the birds. I only have half my books with me, all the important ones though, and the fishtank got left behind in England. Now I am working full-time on the website when I am not out getting to know the local flora and fauna or helping in the local visitor centre identifying mosses, setting insects etc. More later.

Hi, my name is Gordon John Larkman Ramel, and I am the creator of this site. I was born in London England, brought up as a child in Australia and am now living in England again. I am currently employed working as a night attendant in an ESSO petrol garage after finishing my M.Phil. I live in my flat in Okehampton, this is on the edge of Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside is really very pretty. I have a CD stereo but no Television. Instead I have around 1000+ books and many journals and must confess I am addicted to reading. I also have the office I run my web site out of, officially the spare bedroom, which is filed with books and camera and computer equipment. In my living room I have a 3 foot by 18 inch tropical fish-tank, with tropical fish in it. I am 6 feet tall and devastatingly handsome as you can see from my photograph.

I was until recently (since my M.Phil) doing some biochemical analysis of soils at the Institute Grassland and Environmental Research. I am available to design your website for you if you wish, contact info below. Apart from being fascinated by all forms of natural history, and my rapidly growing addiction to computers I like to play tennis, cricket, 5-aside football and basketball though not all at the same time, I also enjoy running (about 8 miles in hour) and visiting the beach during the summer. I drive a lovely Powder Blue 1982 Vauxhall Cavalier.

Despite all these points in my favour I am horrendously single, so if you are a good looking young lady you loves nature and kids and can put up with all these insects why not drop me a line at g.ramel@earthlife.net.

Here are some more images:-
Me as an undergraduate = pic 1 with a stick insect
Me working on my MPhil = pic 2 a man 'out standing' in his field
Me working on my MPhil again = pic 3 shredding dried straw and cow dung. What lovely stuff is slurry I dried it, shredded it, ground it into a powder, sieved it, centrifuged it, weighed it, reconstituted it, studied it under a microscope and spread it back on the soil. Not to mention feeding it to Collembola and growing bacterial plates from it.
Me finishing the Chagford Two Hills race = pic 4




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