The Insect Orders

An Introduction each to of the 32 Orders of Insects

Key to the Orders of Insects

The Apterygota
Collembola Springtails
Thysanura Silverfish
Diplura Two Pronged Bristle-tails
The Exopterygota
Ephemeroptera Mayflies
Odonata Dragonflies
Plecoptera Stoneflies
Phasmida Stick-Insects
Dermaptera Earwigs
Embioptera Web Spinners
Dictyoptera Cockroaches and Mantids
Isoptera Termites
Psocoptera Bark and Book Lice
Mallophaga Biting Lice
Siphunculata Sucking Lice
Hemiptera True Bugs
The Endopterygota
Neuropter Lacewings
Coleoptera Beetles
Strepsiptera Stylops
Mecoptera Scorpionflies
Siphonaptera Fleas
Diptera True Flies
Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths
Trichoptera Caddis Flies
Hymenoptera Ants Bees and Wasps





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