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The publishers of the BBC Wildlife Magazine produce a number of posters which are excellent value for people in Britain, they cost £ each and if you wish to know more about them you can contact the publishers at 'BBC Wildlife Reader Office, Jem House, Little Mead, Cranleigh, Surrey. GU6 8MD'.

All these posters have high quality art work and are of immense use as identification guides as well as being attractive adornments for any indoor wall. I would particularly recommend them to schools as the poster format greatly facilitates the identification process.

British Spiders

A2. There are about 600 species of spider in the UK, so unlike the other posters in this series British spiders makes no claim to identify them all. Instead this poster offers you a representative selection of 41 species. Each image is acompanied by the common group name (i.e. Purse Web Spiders), the family name (i.e. Atypidae) and the species name (i.e. Atypus affinis). Also given is the size in mm and a brief indication of habitat preference. Dick Jones a well known arachnologist is author of "A Guide to Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe" and Richard Lewington the artist is simply the BEST.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of the British Isles

A2 in portrait format. With paintings by Richard Lewington depicting 38 of the 40 resident species in the UK, including the females for 29 species this is an excellently accurate identification guide.

Butterflies of Britain

A2 in portrait format. Produced in association with Rodenstock (UK) limited and with paintings by Richard Lewington, the foremost entomological illustrator in the UK this is another excellent poster. It depicts all 55 species likely to be encountered in the UK, and for nearly all the species Richard has drawn both views of both the upper and lower surfaces of the wings. Further to this the butterflies are nicely arranged in family groups an aid to learning the intricacies of classification. Again highly recommended

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