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The Humerous world of Animals and Insects, by Fred W. Otten

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The Humerous world of Animals and Insects

by Fred W. Otten

ISBN = 1 88913 14 8
Price = $10.95 US or $12.95 Ca
Published = 1997
Review written = 20/Feb/1998
100 pages

Fred wrote me by email and asked me how to get his book mentioned on my site. I told him to send me a copy and I would review it, which he did, less than a third the poems are about invertebrates but then most people prefer birds and mammals anyway. All the poetry is rhyming couplets mostly in non-rhyming pairs, this is OK I am not a fan of free style poetry and think rhyme and rythmn make a poem pleasant to read. However to be honest I was not impressed. Some of Freds rhymes are pretty aweful and I suspect there are many children out there writing better poetry than this. I found many of them forced, written without emotion or spirit and with a disjointed ideological flow. Udoubtably there are many people in the world who will be amused by these poems but I cannot find it in my heart to recommend them. I have included below two of the shorter poems to give you some idea of what you are going to get if you buy the book.

The Fire Ant

When bitten by a Fire Ant,
Describe the pain I simply can't.
The bit swells up and starts to fester,
Stay away from this ground nester.

The Gnat

I've always wandered of the Gnat;
Why does she spell her name like that?
Short for Gnatalie, I suppose.
A better name she could have chose.

By whatever gname, she's still a pest.
While buzzing ears she's at her best.
Although she does this task with zest,
I'm sure she'd fail a spelling test.

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