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Jewel Beetles, by Sadahiro Ohmomo and Kôyô Akiyama

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Jewel Beetles

by Sadahiro Ohmomo and Kôyô Akiyama

ISBN = There does not appear to be one
Price = $44.00 US per copy or $30.00 US per copy + $5.00 p&p for more than 5 copies.
Published = 1997
Review written = 10/June/1997
60 pages
This rather unusual and very beautiful book is really a celebration of the beauty of the larger Jewel Beetles (Bupestridae). It contains 39 colour plates featuring 537 specimens including numerous subspecies. The plates are all slightly enlarged from between 1.1 to 2.2 times life size but are clear and bright. The larger species dominate this colourful array with Sternocera represented by 22 species of which S. orissa is present as 6 subspecies. Julodis is represented by 39 species and Megaloxantha bicolor is shown off in 8 subspecies. However the major star is the genera Chrysochroa of which 64 species are distributed between 180 featured specimens on 11.5 plates. Apart from this wonderful panoply of colour the book also includes distribution maps for the 8 major genera. All the text is in both English and Japanese.

This book is a small spectacular burst of colour which would make an excellent gift for anyone capable of appreciating the wondrous beauty that nature has created in these beetles.

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