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Butterflies and Moths of Berkshire, by B.R.Baker

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Butterflies and Moths of Berkshire

by B.R.Baker

ISBN = 0 86096 0250
Price = £25.00 Hbk
Published = 1994
Review written = 23/August/1997
326 pages A5
Britain is blessed with a high density of amateur naturalists, many of whom are lepidopterists. It is not not surprising therefore that the lepidoptera fauna of Britain is the most comprehensively studied non-pest insect fauna in the world. The correlation of the information relating to the species occurrence and distribution is of vital importance to all work of ecological study and conservation assessment. As such the various county records of particular insect groups are invaluable resources to both amateur naturalist and professional ecologist alike.
The author of this work is a well known and respected entomologist who possesses great depth of knowledge of his county (Watsonian vice county 22) having served as the president of the Reading and District Natural History Society and as director of the Reading Museum. He has also been president of the British Entomological and Natural History Society.

This work adds 400+ names to the species list compiled by Holland and Hamm in 1906 bringing the total county list of lepidoptera to more than 1650 or nearly one third of the British total. Publications of this sort are always 'labours of love' as the financial recompense is non-existent when compared with the work load. In this work the love of the author shows through not only in the meticulous way in which th records have been compiled but also in the cameos presented of the early collectors.
The records and indices are presented using Common and Scientific names as well as Bradley and Fletcher log book numbers. Locations are given with dates and recorders names where ever possible and are listed in an index with a 4 figure grid reference. All in all a valuable and useful work.


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