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Elements of Insect Ecology by S. S. Yazdani and M. L. Argarwal

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Elements of Insect Ecology

by S. S. Yazdani and M. L. Argarwal

ISBN = 81 7319 108 5
Price = £
Published = 1997
Review written = 12/June/1999
210 pages
8 b/w plates and 51 text figures

This is a surprising and very interesting little book, the authors have a good clear grasp of their subject and in many ways they explain it well. It has problems though, the crux of which is the English. In terms of English grammar, or even in terms of commonly spoken English the sentance structure in this book is often quite novel and at times difficult to interpret and ambiguous. This is a pity because the authors often appear to have a knack of getting to the core of an idea in a way that is clearer than many other texts. The student who takes the time to sort out the English will find this a very useful and enlightening text. It also has the benefit of being cheap.

It is only a small book and does not attempt to compete with such euridite tomes as Peter Price's 'Insect Ecology'. However it covers all the major topics and will be useful in many cases because of its brevity. It is well worth having a copy in your library and if enough copies are sold the publishers may be inspired to sort out the english grammar problems.

Highly Recommended

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