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The Titles

A Catalogue and Key to the centipedes (Chilopoda) of Bulgaria by Pavel Stoev
Amphibiotic Insects of Northeast Asia by I. A. Zasypkina and A. S. Ryabukhin.
An Atlas of the Distribution of the Butterflies in Bulgaria. by Stanislav P. Abadjiev.
Endemic and relict insects in the Pirin National Park, Bulgaria. by V. Sakalian (Ed.) Butterflies of Russia
Guide to the butterflies of Russia and adjacent territories (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera). Volume 1: Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Satyridae by P. V. Bogdanov, A. L. Devyatkin, L. V. Kabak, V. A. Korolev, V. S. Murzin, G. D. Samodurov, E. A. Tarasov, and V. K. Tuzov
Ecosystem and Egosystem Evolution. by V. A. Krassilov.
Biogeography of the endemic Balkan ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Bulgaria, by V. B. Gueorguiev and V. P. Sakalian
Bibliographia Trichopterorum. A world bibliography of Trichoptera (Insecta) with indexes. Volume 1. 1961-1970 by Andrew P. Nimmo.
Catalogue of the linyphiid spiders of Northern Asia (Arachnida, Araneae, Linyphiidae) by K. Y. Eskov.
A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and adjacent lands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O. L. Kryzhanovskij, I. A. Belousov, I. I. Kabak, B. M. Kataev, K.V.Makarov, V.G.Shilenkov
Reclassification of world Dyschiriini with a revision of the Palearctic fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) by D. N. Fedorenko
Catalogue of the ground-beetles of Bulgaria (Coleoptera: Carabidae) by V. B. Gueorguiev and B. V. Gueorguiev
Co-evolution of the tamarisks (Tamaricaceae) and pest arthropods (Insecta; Arachnida; Acarina), with special reference to biological control prospects. by O. V. Kovalev.

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The Reviews

A Catalogue and Key to the centipedes (Chilopoda) of Bulgaria

by Pavel Stoev
ISBN Pensoft 954-642-151-0
Price: = Euro 24.00
Format 245x170, softcover
Text English.
103 pages
Publication date = 2002

Publications of centipedes are rather rare so it was a real pleasure to receive this small volume from Pensoft, especially as I live just south of the Bulgarian border and it will be very useful for me. The book is well produced as you would expect from Pensoft.

The book contains both a checklist of species with information under the following headings: Species name; list of localities; Distribution in the Country; Altitude; Habitats; Chorotype; Remarks, and a key to species, which makes it remarkably useful. Before the faunistic section there is a Historical survey of Bulgarian centipedes and notes on Methodology, Taxonomic remarks, species with only a single record, poorly known regions, vertical distribution and Habitat preferences which lists species according to their preferred habitats, such as caves, vineyards, deciduous forests etc.

The only problem I have with it is the lack of diagrams, all through the key there is not a single illustration, which will tend to limit the books usefulness to those who are already pretty familiar with the structural plan of the various centipede families.

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Amphibiotic Insects of Northeast Asia

by I. A. Zasypkina and A. S. Ryabukhin.
ISBN Pensoft 954-642-138-3
ISBN Backhuys 90-5782-089-7
Price: = US$30.00
Format 240x170, softcover
Text English.
184 pages
Publication date = June 2001,

This is a rather specialised work, which will be of great use to those researching the groups or areas involved. Undoubtedly it has a limited audience, however it is my belief that in this day and age books such as this should be published and so I commend both authors and the publishers for their efforts here.

The book is basically a systematic checklist of all the insects known from North-eastern Asia which are aquatic or semi-aquatic for at least part of their life-cycle. The area involved, which does not include the peninsula Kamchatka is vast, sparsely populated and seriously understudied. This book lists the insects, describes their distribution, though often tersely, perhaps reflecting a lack of knowledge, and gives some indications of the aquatic habitats used, mostly by the larval forms. There are also a number of maps showing the areas covered and areas where collecting has been done by the authors. The book includes information on 674 species from 68 families and 9 orders of insects (Collembola, Odonata, Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Heteroptera, Coleoptera, Megaloptera, Trichoptera and Diptera). The information also includes a certain amount of analyses of the patterns of distribution.

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An Atlas of the Distribution of the Butterflies in Bulgaria

by Stanislav P. Abadjiev.
ISBN 954-642-136-7
Format 240x170, hardcover
Price: = US$35.00
Text English.
335 pages
Publication date = June 2001,

Proving yet again their worth as leaders in the entomological world, the Butterflies are the first insect group to have a provisional atlas of their distribution published for Bulgaria. The Bulgaria butterfly fauna is currently estimated at about 216 species. Given that as of the publication of this book there are records from only 35% of the 10km squares in the country it is quite possible that one or two species remain to be spotted, and it is a surety that these maps are incomplete. But distribution maps are always incomplete so there is nothing new in that. This book is a very useful step forward in the growth of entomology in the Balkans and will hopefully stimulate further recording.

The fact that every known valid report of every butterfly species is included in this book is some indication of the scarcity of records available. This book then, with its clear and straight forward format and easy to read distribution maps should be of great value to all entomologists interested in European lepidoptera, and all naturalists planning on visiting some of Bulgaria's wonderful countryside. The author's Email and postal addresses are included and he is happy to receive records from all competent observers.

All in all a well produced book that will be of great value to the growing band of people interested in the diverse flora of the Balkans. Highly Recommended.

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Guide to the butterflies of Russia and adjacent territories

Butterflies of Russia Butterflies of Russia Guide to the butterflies of Russia and adjacent territories (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera). Volume 1: Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Satyridae by P. V. Bogdanov, A. L. Devyatkin, L. V. Kabak, V. A. Korolev, V. S. Murzin, G. D. Samodurov, E. A. Tarasov, and V. K. Tuzov
ISBN 954-642-018-2
Format 210x295, hardcover, appr. 400 pp., richly illustrated by ca. 100 colour photos and plates. Text English.
Publication date = October 1997,
Price: = US$159.00

A unique, long-needed, full-colour edition devoted to a relatively popular, guide-like assessment of four most beautiful butterfly families in the scope of the fauna of the entire former Soviet Union (FSU). A historical review is provided of lepidopterological research and of some of its key figures in Russia, dating back to the early 18th century. Altogether. Over 400 butterfly species or subspecies, including four Central Asian species new to science, are documented from the FSU, each supplied with a brief account of its taxonomy, status, ecology, biology, variability, and distribution. Virtually each taxon is illustrated by 1:1 colour photographs of the male and female both from upperside and beneath, with several old and new type specimens involved. In the cases of sibling/similar forms, their genitalic distinguishing characters are depicted as well. Based on butterfly distribution patterns, a general zoogeographical division of the FSU is proposed. In addition, several dozen beautiful photographs display a number of habitats/landscapes supporting some most interesting/picturesque butterflies in the FSU. Destined for professional and amateur entomologists, all lovers of butterflies and Nature.

All in all this is a very beautiful and useful book and the quality of the production is superb.
Highly Recommended.

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Endemic and relict insects in the Pirin National Park,

Endemic and relict insects in the Pirin National Park, Bulgaria. by V. Sakalian (Ed.)

ISBN 954-642-037-9,
December, 1997;
English text, format 145x220, 96 pp., 8 figs (3 maps), 1 table, 2 colour plates with endemic and relict butterflies and grasshopers.
Price: USD 17.50.

This small but important volume summarizes catalogized data on endemic and relict specis of Orthoptera, Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, Heteroptera, Neuroptera, Coleoptera, Trichoptera, Lepidoptera from the largest protected area in Bulgaria, the Pirin National Park. As most sensitive to human activity, the relict and endemic faunas need special attention in all kinds of nature conservation measures. The endemics and relicts, as biodiversity components, represent the unique character of the regional faunas, and thus they are of special interest to both the biogeographers and the nature conservationists. Pirin is one of the largest Bulgarian Mountains rich of several types of habitats, from sub-mediterranean to the alpine habitats above 2700-2800 m a. s. l. The species lists are analysed in terms of distribution along belts and habitats, as well as with regard to the zoogeographical history of the different groups. In a separate chapter, some general results and conclusions are discussed.

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Generic classification of the beetle family Tetratomidae

Generic classification of the beetle family Tetratomidae(Coleoptera), Tenebrionoidea) of the world, with description of new taxa. by N. B. Nikitsky

ISBN 954-642-039-5 (Pensoft Series Faunistica No. 9)
February, 1998;
English text, format 165x235, ca. 80 pp., incl. 21 tables with b/w drawings, paperback.
Price: USD 19.50.

'A new classification of the poorly-known mycetoxylophilous beetle family Tetratomidae is advanced in the scope of the world fauna. Detailed descriptions and accounts are given, and keys are presented both to adults and larvae, so far as known. Numerous taxonomic novelties are proposed. This book is basicly a complete revision of the family, a pattern to follow when preparing any coleopterological treatise.'

Prof Gleb S. Medvedev President of the Russian Entomological Society

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Catalogus Faunae Bulgaricae. Volume 3.

Catalogus Faunae Bulgaricae. Volume 3.Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae B. Gruev and V. Tomov

ISBN 954-642-041-7
format 165x235, paperback, appr. 200 pp., map, index. English text.
Publication date: April 1998.
Price: USD 27.

The present monograph comprises all the available data on the taxa recently found in Bulgaria. The references have been added with all publications. The structure of the catalogue follows the order of taxa in Fauna bulgarica (Chrysomelidae). Species accounts include: bibliography and synonymy; summary of the horizontal and vertical distribution in Bulgaria; phenology; host plants; general distribution.

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Catalogus Faunae Bulgaricae. Volume 2.

Catalogus Faunae Bulgaricae. Volume 2.Lepidoptera, Geometridae, by E. Nesterova

ISBN 954-642-024-7
April 1997, format 165x235, paperback, appr. 240 pp., map, index. German text.
Price = US$23.50

Encompasses all available data on Bulgarian Geometridae, since the first records of Lederer (1863). In total, 460 species belonging to 157 genera are encountered. Designed as a traditional catalogue, listing species name, all synonyms mentioned with regard to the Bulgarian fauna, all publications containing records of a certain species from Bulgaria, distribution in Bulgaria among regions, vertical distribution both with respect to altitude and among altitudinal vegetation belts, general distribution. For most species flight periods and data on the appearance of imago are also given. Of use to specialists in Geometridae or Lepidoptera as a whole, biogeographers, collectors and any entomological library.

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Fauna Bulgarica. Volume 25.

Fauna Bulgarica. Volume 25. Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae. Part 1. Pimplinae, Xoridinae, Acaeninae, Collyriinae, by Ya. Kolarov

Co-published by the Academic Publishing House and Pensoft.
Marketed and distributed beyond Bulgaria by Pensoft.
ISBN 954-642-051-1(vol. 25) (Academic Publishing House)
ISBN 954-642-020-4 (vol. 25) (Pensoft)
Format 165x235, hardcover, appr. 300 pp., many figs. Bilingual, main text in Bulgarian with all keys, distributional and ecological data translated into English (60 pages English summary), all figure captions with Latin species names.
Price = US$39.00
Publication date: May 1997.

The present volume of Fauna Bulgarica summarizes original data on one of the taxonomically most difficult Hymenopteran families, from a region which has never been reviewed so far. In total, 178 species belonging to 52 genera and 4 subfamilies are considered. The keys and figures are mostly original, all translated into English and hence fully usable to the Western reader, which in itself is a precedent within Fauna Bulgarica. All species descriptions are made on the basis of material originating from Bulgaria. Richly illustrated, contains also an extensive bibliography from the area considered.

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Biogeography of the endemic Balkan ground-beetles

Biogeography of the endemic Balkan ground-beetles(Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Bulgaria, by V. B. Gueorguiev and V. P. Sakalian

ISBN 954-642-023-9 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No 6)
Publication date = April 1997
Format 145x215, paperback, 50 pp, 1 map, 2 tables, 3 figures, English text.
Price = US$9.00

A small paper rather original in approach, exploring the phenomenon of endemism. Based on a complete list of ground- beetles endemic to the Balkan Peninsula and found in Bulgaria (125 species or subspecies including 6 endemic genera and subgenera), compiled both from literature and pertinent material collected until 1995. The Balkan endemics within the ground-beetle fauna are analysed with regard to their horizontal and vertical distribution, origins and, hence, their importance for the purposes of a zoogeographical division of Bulgaria and conservation strategy. The distribution between the Balkan countries is also given. Endogean and epigean carabids are analysed separately. The last paper by the Bulgarian entomologist and zoogeographer, the late Dr. Vassil B. Gueorguiev (1934- 1996).

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Bibliographia Trichopterorum.

Bibliographia Trichopterorum.A world bibliography of Trichoptera (Insecta) with indexes. Volume 1. 1961-1970 by Andrew P. Nimmo

ISBN 954-642-012-3 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No. 5)
Format 165x235, paperback, appr. 640 pp. English text.
Price = US$55.00
Publication date: November 1996.

A complete list of the world literature on Trichoptera, covering the years after the publication of F. C. J. Fischer's 'Trichopterorum Catalogus', including main subject index and three appendices. Appendices are: 1a. Genera (alphabetical with family assignment); 1b. Genera grouped by family; 1c. Species (alphabetical) with genus assignment; 2. Expanded titles of journals listed; 3. Alphabetical list of secondary authors. However, the Bibliographia, unlike the Catalogus, is not restricted to taxonomic consideration alone. It embraces all aspects of the study of Trichoptera, i. e. hydrobiological and ecological. The first part of a 4-volume publishing project. The compiler, Dr Andrew P. Nimmo, is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

During the last days we again studied the 1st volume: we must say again this is an extremely useful book, maybe the most important one after Fischer's ones.

Dr Akos Uherkovich (Hungary)

"Having just received my copy of the Bibliographia Trichopterorum, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with this book. The amount of cross-referencing is incredibly useful: straight away I picked up a reference I hadn't previously seen which is crucial for a paper I am just writing. You have done the caddis community a great service, and I look forward to seeing the future volumes."
Dr Peter Barnard (British Museum).

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Catalogue of the linyphiid spiders of Northern Asia

Catalogue of the linyphiid spiders of Northern Asia (Arachnida, Araneae, Linyphiidae) by K. Y. Eskov.

ISBN 954-642-001-8 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No 1)
1994, format 145x205, paperback, 144 pp, 1 map, English text.
Price = US$23.00

A compilation of all the available evidence (hitherto published largely by Russian authors and therefore mostly unavailable to or uncomprehended by the Western reader) and critically revised data on the taxonomy of 625 acknowledged species and 188 genera reported from this area. A real masterpiece, written by a well-known Russian arachnologist.

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Catalogue of the ground-beetles of Bulgaria

Catalogue of the ground-beetles of Bulgaria (Coleoptera: Carabidae) by V. B. Gueorguiev and B. V. Gueorguiev

ISBN 954-642-003-4 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No 2)
1995, format 165x235, paperback, 279 pp., 1 map, English text.
Price = US$26.00

Comprising 753 acknowledged species/subspecies, of which 16 species and one genus are new to the Bulgarian list, the book is designed as a traditional catalogue. Yet it is distinguished also due to the incorporation of pertinent material, taxonomic notes, altitudinal and geographical distributions, phenology as well as over 200 references relevant to the area concerned. The first complete catalogue of carabid beetles of a Balkan country since Apfelbeck's Kaeferfauna der Balkanhalbinsel (1904).

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A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and adjacent lands

A checklist of the ground-beetles of Russia and adjacent lands(Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae) by O. L. Kryzhanovskij, I. A. Belousov, I. I. Kabak, B. M. Kataev, K.V.Makarov, V.G.Shilenkov

ISBN 954-642-003-4 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No 3)
1995, format 205x290, paperback, 271 pp, English text.
Price = US$33.00

The first reassessment of the Carabidae after Jacobson's (1905-1916) work, listing over 3,000 acknowledged species and about 200 genera of this large beetle family populating the ex-USSR. The book is also full of taxonomic novelties, including three new subgenera, four new replacement names, 42 new combinations, 18 new revalidations, 81 new synonyms, 14 species newly downgraded to subspecific status, etc. Distributional data among 26 primary physiographic regions and a multiple of subregions are also given. The checklist is remarkable in being devoted not only to imagines, but also to larvae of about 500 species, for which a full catalogue is provided as well. Bibliography alone lists over 2,900 citations, largely Russian, all such titles translated into English. A superb work!

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Reclassification of world Dyschiriini

Reclassification of world Dyschiriini with a revision of the Palearctic fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) by D. N. Fedorenko

ISBN 954-642-009-3 (PENSOFT Series Faunistica No 4)
1996, format 205x290, paperback, 224 pp, 81 map, 328 figs, English text.
Price = US$30.00

The first complete reassessment of the almost worldwide distributed tribe Dyschiriini since Putzeys (1866), full of first-hand information, including 409 figures and maps, complete diagnoses, (re)descriptions, keys, distribution patterns, etc., as well as the erection of a new genus, five new subgenera, eight new species-groups, about a dozen new species and subspecies, numerous synonymies and other important taxonomic innovations. Based upon a material of more than 18,000 adult specimens examined. The work provides also entirely original phylogenetic and zoogeographical analyses, hence being of general biological interest.

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Co-evolution of the tamarisks (Tamaricaceae) and pest arthropods

Co-evolution of the tamarisks (Tamaricaceae) and pest arthropods(Insecta; Arachnida; Acarina), with special reference to biological control prospects. by O. V. Kovalev

ISBN 954-642-006-9
Proceedings of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg, vol. 259.
1995, paperback, 110 pp, 1 table, 2 maps, 20 figs, English text.
Price = US$16.00

Contents: PART 1. Introduction - Historical review - Fossil and Recent background for the co-evolution of the tamarisks and arthropod pests - Relationships between genera of insect oligophages of tamarisks and some genera of host plants in succession systems - Weedy Tamarix species in North America and the problem of search of target species for biological control - Co-evolution of oligophages and Tamaricaceae and the principles of selection of the agents for biocontrol - A taxonomic analysis of oligophages particularly promising as introductions - Selection of candidate pest complex against the target species Tamarix ramosissima - Discussion. PART 2. Introductory comments - A synopsis of the order Tamaricales including a list of species of the genus Tamarix - A list of arthropod oligophages of the plant family Tamaricaceae, mainly of the genus Tamarix, for which host plants have been reported - References.

The book is a most fundamental presentation of the co-evolutionary traits in the Tamaricaceae and their arthropod pests. A new approach to the old problem of selection of specific agents for biological control purposes based on an "evolutionary scenario" is proposed. Based on rich original material, both Fossil and Recent, it puts forth a number of highly important ideas concerning the prospects of biological control of weedy tamarisks, especially as regards the USA. Information on the distribution, life history, injuriousness is given for 325 species of insects and mites belonging to 88 genera, 33 families and 7 orders attacking tamarisks in the Old World. A complex of phytophages is proposed for introduction to North America for biological control of weedy saltcedars. The monograph is invaluable not only to botanists and zoologists, but also to specialists in applied entomology, plant pathology and quarantine officers.

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Ecosystem and Egosystem Evolution

Ecosystem and Egosystem Evolution. by V. A. Krassilov

ISBN 954-642-002-6
1995, format 145x200, paperback, 172 pp, English text.
Price = US$18.50

Contents: Syntheses and consequences - Global environmental changes - Biotic change - Progress - Metaecology and metaevolution - Concluding remarks.
An unorthodox and intriguing reassessment of the evolution of life on Earth, putting forth ideas on an Ecosystem theory of evolution. Ecosystem evolution is considered in this book as a goal-directed process, aimed at sustainability. The book casts new light on the mechanisms of ecosystem development which preconceives and parallels the development of human personality, or egosystem. The author, a specialist in palaeobotany, evolution and nature conservation at the Russian Academy of Sciences, draws on examples from ancient and modern literature in presenting his arguments.

I definitely recommend this book to all critically oriented readers. It makes us think, and that is definately good for us.
    Professor Alexey M. Ghilarov, TREE, vol. 11 (5): 227.

Personally I found the authors rapid fire assault with ideas that were not really supported in argument or properly referenced rather offputting, this book is definately not for the casual reader. Having said that I have to agree with the importance of the central theme of the book but Professor Krassilov's polymath approach and widely dispersed background reading, while impressive, are not really well presented here. So yes I think people should read this work, but I also think Krassilov should take some time out to study the art of communication. Gordon Ramel, Site Owner.

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Where to watch birds in Bulgaria

Where to watch birds in Bulgaria. by P. Yankov

ISBN 954-642-011-5
1996. Format 135x215, paperback, appr. 120 pp. English text.
Price = US$12.00
Publication date: October 1996.

An excellent birdwatching guide, the first extensive one for Bulgaria, containing also 40 line total drawings of birds by George Pchelarov and 40 small-scale topographic maps showing places of nesting of most interesting species, as well as a complete list of the Bulgarian ornithofauna including Latin, English and Bulgarian species' names. The book contains also a lot of useful information for travelling in Bulgaria.

Published in co-operation with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, a partner of BirdLife International.

The author, Dr. Peter Yankov, is Executive Director of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.

"Ecotourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry worldwide and birdwatching is an important part of that increase. This excellent new guide to birding in Bulgaria by Dr. Petar Iankov goes far to making Bulgaria an exciting destination for birders from various countries. The guide is a very useful combination of bird lists, access maps and practical information on food and lodging. It also fills an important conservation need in identifying key areas for appreciation and protection . Bulgaria's abundant birdlife is now accessible."
Gerard Bertrand (USA), Chairman of the World Council of BirdLife International

"I visited Bulgaria for the first time in June 1994, during which the author took me on a few days birding trip. These days are still in my memory, thanks to a wide variety of very interesting bird species and vast tracks of rather unspoiled nature and habitats! However, economical and social changes in this part of Europe already do put pressure on them, whilst many of the sites are vulnerable to disturbance. Proper guidance of ecotourism is therefore a must. This was recognised by the BSPB, the Bulgarian BirdLife Partner. The author selected these sites that will give you the best coverage of all bird species that make Bulgaria so special and that are save to visit from a disturbance point of view. An excellent initiative, for the mutual benefit of birdwatchers and birds!"
Johanna E. Winkelman (The Netherlands) Chairman of the European Committee of BirdLife International
Having come to live in Bulgaria for a couple of years to teach English and Biology while enjoying some sunshine I am finding this book most useful, if you are coming bird watching to Bulgaria you should have a copy. Gordon Ramel Website Owner

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