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Entomology 2nd Ed., by C. Gillot

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Entomology 2nd Ed.

by C.Gillot

ISBN = HB 0-306-44966-8
ISBN = PB 0-306-44967-6
Price = PB $49.50 US HB $85.00 US + 20% for outside US and Canada
798 pages
Published = 1995
Review written = 26/Jan/1997
This is a very complete and up do date text on entomology, the authorhas written it aimed at University level students and as such the language may make it hard reading for users below this level, it is however very readable. Its nearly 800 pages contain an absolute wealth of information and include a 250 page section giving a valuable introduction to the various insect orders. I particularly like the honesty in some parts, such as in the taxonomy section where 'state of the art' ideas are presented for discussion and the reasons behind changes in nomenclature and sytematics are explained rather than just presented as new facts. The intelligence, thoughtfulness and love of subject of the author shine through in this book giving it a good feel and making it a pleasure to use. On the negative side a number of the b/w drawings (particularly those of whole animals) have been around for a long time and seem to have somehow lost clarity in the reproduction. Also the lack of a glossary of terms will probably annoy the less well read students. However considering that it is aimed specifically at senior university level entomology students this is probably the best stand alone entomology text that I have seen, which is still in print, (bearing in mind that there are quite a few I haven't seen yet).
Highly Recommended

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