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Awesome Insects, by Andrew Whittington

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Awesome Insects

by Andrew Whittington

ISBN = 1 901633 65 5
Price = £4.99
Published = 2001
Review written = 19/April/2002
27 pages

Awesome Insects is a small introductory guide to insects and the many ways they relate to our human world. It is aimed at young children and is very visually oriented. I contains a good mixture of information, introducing us to the insects and covering many important aspects of human insect interaction. I was surprised that while there is a section on colour and colour vision in insects there is no mention of development or metamorphosis.

Never-the-less it is a well produced little work and relatively cheap at £4.99. I would feel that for the clarity with which it expresses the ideas it contains that it would be a good addition to any young nature lovers library.

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