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Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas by John and Gloria Tveten

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Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas

by John and Gloria Tveten

ISBN = 0 292 78142 3 Hbk
ISBN = 0 292 78143 1 Pbk
Price = $45.00 Hbk
Price = $19.95 Pbk
Published = 1996
Review written = 23/August/1997
304 pages A5
273 colour plates
Butterfly watching is in, at least that is what several American books have told me recently, so I suspect it is in, at least in America. It has been 'in' for some time in the UK, home of 'Butterfly Conservation' and the BRS and if that wasn't enough to convince you that butterflies are sexy then consider that the first two issues of the new international 'Journal of Insect Conservation' have been devoted entirely to lepidoptera. Still this is no bad thing, butterflies are ensigns for the insect world and anything that improves their popularity is a boon gained for insect conservation.
This excellent book by J and G. Tveten should certainly add to the ease and pleasure of butterfly watching in Houston and its surrounds. My shelves already contain a fair number of guides to butterflies of various parts of the world, and I must admit that up until now I have been wary of real life photos. This book however has convinced me that the problems I have encountered in the past a a result of poor quality photographs, and that if the photographs are good enough then using them works well. One of the things that impressed me about this book was the inclusion of so many larval photographs. All to many butterfly guides deal only with the adult form, yet my experience teaches me that the general public are as interested in, and as fascinated by, the larval stages of lepidoptera as by the adult forms. However the overriding impression of this book is one of space, perhaps a reflection of the American state from which it derives. None of the 100+ butterflies in this book has less than a page dedicated to it and some have as much as 3.5 pages. In comparison with most guides this is a luxury that can only be revelled in. If you are planning a holiday to S.E. Texas, or already live there but do not yet own a butterfly book, then this book should be high on your essential shopping list.

Includes a 15 page introduction to butterflies, a ckecklist of species, a list of 'Butterfly Organisations and Journals', a list of 'Butterfly Houses and Gardens' a bibliography, an index of 'Larval and Nectar Plants' and an index of 'Butterfly Species' including both Common and Scientific names.

Highly Recommended

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