What is an Insect

What is an insect? Such a funny little chap.
Ive never yet to see one wearing blue jeans and a cap.
But most of them I met so far were in possession of 6 legs,
and many of these I am sorry to say
had hatched from abandoned eggs.
Some use their feet to taste their food,
so standing in dinner is far from rude,
and stranger still they breath through their sides
and have their skeleton where we have our hides.
Or sing with their legs when announcing their charms
to others who listen with through ears on their arms.
But the ones I think are really most neat,
spit on their food when their ready to eat.
Sleep on the ceiling, make love in mid-air,
and live like Zen Buddhists with never care.
Yes these are the insects Id like you to meet
in your houses and gardens and out on the street.
So next time you see one go wandering by
give them a smile and sweetly say ....Hi!!

© Bugworld Productions



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