The European Lepidoptera Society called SEL or Societas Europea Lepidopterologica.

Publishes irregularly 'Nota Lepidopterologica'
Membership costs about 50 DM.
In mainland Europe write to :

Volpinistrasse 72, D-80638 Munchen, Germany.

In England or Ireland write to :
Barry Goater, The Ridge, 27 Hiltingbury Rd, Chandlers Fiord, Eastleigh, UK SO53 5SR
or contact the General Secretary,
Dr D.Agassiz, International Institute of Entomology, 56 Queen's Gate, London, UK SW7 5JR

Fax :+44/71-581 1676, Phone : +44/71-581 0067 or EMail :

Flammish Society for Entomology called VVE or Vlaamse Vereniging voor Entomologie.

Publishes 4 times a year for members 'Phegea' an Entomological Journal with colour plates around 200+ pages a year,
Membership costs 1100 Bfr.
Write to : The Secretary :

W. De Prins, Diksmuidelaan 176, B-2600 Berchem-Antwerpen, Belgian

EMail :

Linneana Belgica.

A quarterly Lepidopteran Journal with colour plates (about 175+ pages a year)
Membership costs: 950 Bfr
Write to :

R. Leestmans, 45 Leuvensestraat, B-1800 Vilvoorde Belgium.

Belgian Migrating Lepidoptera Survey

Contact :

Bart Vanholder, Droeskouter 33, B-9450 Haaltert, Belgium

EMail :

De Vlinderstichting or The Dutch Butterfly Foundation

Write to :

P.O. Box 506, NL-6700 AM Wageningen, Netherlands.

Fax : +31-317-420296, Phone : +31-317-424224 or EMail :

Entomological Society of Antwerp Entomological Society of Antwerp
Write to :

Antwerpse vereniging voor Entomologie, Ommeganckstraat 28, B-2018 Antwerpen Belgium.

Antwerpse vereniging voor Entomologie, c/of Frans Janssens - Calluy Nachtegaallaan, 12 bus 12, B-2660, Hoboken, Belgium.

EMail Frans Janssens at :

The Hawaiin Entomological Society

Runs Quarterly Meetings, an Annual Conference, and produces an Annual Journal called Hawaiin Entomological Proceedings.
Members get the Journal free and a chance to publish in it as well as a discount on the conference registration fee and a chance to meet other Hawaiin and Pacific Rim Entomologists.
Membership costs : $15 for regular membership and $10 for student membership.
Write to :

The President Hawaiin Entomological Society, c/o Department of Entomology, University of Hawaii-Manoa, 3050 Maile Way, Gilmore 310, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, USA.

The Society was started in 1904.

The Acadian Entomologist Society

Publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled the AES Bulletin, holds an annual meeting and publishes the proceedings of scientific presentations.
Membership costs : $20.00 Regular or $10.00 Student (Canadian Dollars Thank You)
Write to :

Ms Erika Bent, Agricultural Pest Monitoring, P.O. Box 1086, Wolfeville, N.S. Canada B0P 1X0

EMail :
Phone 902-542-7754
Rob F. Smith research scientist, Agr. and Agri-Food Canada, 32 Main St., Kentville, N.S., B4N 1J5

Phone : 902-679-5730, Fax : 902-6792311
EMail :

Toronto Entomologist' Association

Membership costs : $20.00 Regular, $10.00 Student and $25.00 Family (Canadian Dollars Thank You)
Write to :

The Treasurer, A.J.Hanks, 34 Seaton Drive, Aurora, Ontario L4G 2K1

Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil - SEB (Brazilian Entomological Society)

Brief History - In 1968, a meeting on Agricultural Entomology was organised at the Department of Entomology "Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Universidade de Sao Paulo". As a consequence of this meeting another meeting called "Reuniao de Entomologia Agricola" was held in Urucuca, State of Bahia on the 21st to the 25th of February 1972. During this meeting, on the 22/Feb./1972 the Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil (SEB) was founded with the signatures of 43 entomologists. Today it is one of the largest entomological societies in the world and holds a biannual National Congress every second March, a major scientific event with more than 1100 participants at its last occurrance at Caxambu in 1995. The next meeting will be the 16th National Congress and will be held in Salvador, State of Bahia on the 2-7/march/1997.

The Society produces two publications 3 times a year (April, August and December), it's journal "Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil" which it has been producing continually since 1972, and it's newsletter "Informativo da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil".

Membership = Valid until 31/Mar./1996
Professional US$40
Student US$20

Enquiries to:-

Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil, 13418-900 Piracicaba-SP-Brasil.

Fax :- +55 194 33 0562

Dallas County Lepidopterists Society Meets at 10 am on the second Saturday of every month at the Dallas Museum of Natural History, in Fairpark, Dallas, Texas. Collectors, photographers, Gardeners and any other butterfly enthusiasts are welcome to the meetings which imclude workshops, speakers and field trips.
There is a monthly newsletter.
There is currently no charge for membership.
For more information contact:-

Gail R. Manning, Dallas museum of Natural history, P.O. Box 150349, Dallas TX USA 75315-0349.

Telephone :- (214) 421-3466 x232
Fax :- (214) 428-4356
E-Mail :-

Tarant County Butterfly Club
(associated with NABA-Tarrant County is Ft. Worth, North Central Texas)
Contact :-

Larry Sweeney, 3017 Gerome, Richmond Hills,TX 76118

Telephone :- (817) 923-8474.

The Coleopterists Society An international organization devoted to the study of all aspects of systematics and biology of beetles of the world. Membership is open to any individual interested in the aims of the society.

The society publishes the The Coleopterists Bulletin, a fully refereed quarterly professional journal (March, June, September, December). Volume 50 is being published in 1996. The society also holds an annual meeting in December, in conjunction with the meeting of the Entomological Society of America (1996: December 8-12 in Louisville, Kentucky).

Individual membership in the society includes
-a subscription to the Bulletin
-eligibility for reduced page charges when publishing in the Bulletin
-eligibility to submit short notices for free publication concerning specimens or literature available or desired, etc.
Institutional subscriptions are also available.

Membership dues are currently US$30, institutional subscriptions US$50.

To join or subscribe, send payment (in US$, by check drawn on US bank or international postal money order, payable to the Coleopterists Society) with name and full mailing address to the Treasurer:

Mr Edward Zuccaro PO Box 767 Natchez MS 39121 USA
New members are also requested to include phone, fax, email, and an indication of their interests in beetles for inclusion in the membership directory.

Manuscripts or inquiries about publishing in the Bulletin should be sent to the Editor:

Dr. Wayne E. Clark Department of Entomology Auburn University, AL 36849-5413 USA

telephone (335)844-2565
fax (334)844-5005

We will be announcing our own Web page later this year - stay tuned!

Young Entomologists' Society
Mission statement: "To provide young people with a combination of programs, publications, and educational materials that enrich their insect and spider studies throught dynamic, innovative, and enjoyable learning experiences."

While our first priority is to serve young people, we have found it vitally important to work with parents, youth group leaders, naturalists, and other educators so that they can be better equipped to provide support and information on arthropods to the young people they interact with.

Y.E.S. publishes three periodicals "Insect World" (bimonthly), "Y.E.S. Quarterly (quarterly), and "Y.E.S. NewsBulletin" (bimonthly), as well as a Special Publications series of informational handbooks. Y.E.S. sponsors a travelling outreach program known as "Bugs-On-Wheels" that visits schools, libraries, parks, nature centers, and shopping malls. Y.E.S. provides members with access to lots of resources and information, publishes member's articles, artwork and want ads at no charge, and offers discounts on minibeast merchandise. Y.E.S. has members from throughout North America (the United States and Canada), and more than two dozen other countries.

Annual member dues:-
US$8.00 youth (under 18),
US$10.00 adults,
US$15.00 families,
US$18.00 educators (using materials in their work),
US$50+sustaining members
(Note: members receive Y.E.S. NewsBulletin as part of their dues payment.)

Member-rate Subscriptions for publications:
Insect World - US$10.00 (USA addresses) and US$15.00 (Int'l adresses)
Y.E.S. Quarterly - US$12.00 (USA addresses) and US$20.00 (Int'l addresses)

Young Entomologists' Society

1915 Peggy Place, Lansing MI 48910-2553 USA

Phone/fax: 517-887-0499



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