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Hi, I have decided to put this page up as a way of letting regular visitors know what has changed about this site, I hope you find it useful.

March 22nd 1998

I have added a page about Aphids, Greenfly, Blackfly etc which has occupied me for the best part of a week so i hope you enjoy it.

March 13th 1998

The stats reveal that not a lot of people use this page which explains why i have been so slack in keeping it up to date. However since last time I have added nearly 200 images with thumbnails, added a page on Cicadas, done quite a few reviews, upgraded the front page to include a drop down menu and updated a number of other pages as well.

October 26th 1997

I have started a new section of pages on ecological themes, the first one is an introduction to the different sort of and ways of describing insect life cycles

October 19th 1997

Last week I put up a page on Moths, the page was their before but it had no text. The visitors books are also now up to date.

September 30th 1997

I have added a key to the orders of insects, I would appreciate feedback on this particularly concerning the inevitable errors. I have also finally written something on the Neuroptera.

September 14th 1997

I have finally put up a few words on the importance of insect conservation.

September 6th 1997

Mostly for the last few months I have been putting my time into book reviews (having got the books from the publishers I am beholden to do the reviews so please do read them), trying to get sponsorship, and just keeping the site going. The attempt to gain sponsorship has taken up lot of time with little result, it looks like the site will stay alive even if nobody is looking after it for a while. I am currently writing up my thesis and preparing for a conferance so maybe more will get typed up in October. Thanks for visiting.

March 16th 1997

A new care sheet on keeping Scorpions, is now available. I have upgraded the Collembola Page which was the oldest unchanged page on the site, Collembola are what I am studying hence it was the first page I wrote but each successive page got bigger and bigger and the Collembola page was looking very small in comparison with some of my later efforts, but now it looks better, I have also reviewed Stephen Hopkin's book on them. A couple more book reviews of some delightful buggy children's stories have gone up as well

February 2nd 1997

The December and January visitors books are now up as are new pages on Shield Bugs, Lace Bugs, Tarantula Mythology, Raising British Butterflies 01 and 02, Spiders webs and evolution, the Hemiptera page has been upgraded and now includes a list of superfamilies. There have been a number of book reviews over the last few weeks, do tell the publishers where you found out about the books if you decide to buy any.

January the 12th 1997

I have put something up on Centipedes, which should help those who have been recently asking questions about them.

December 10th 1996

I have added a page on soil invertebrates, this has a general introduction followed by a fully referenced literature review, of those aspects relevent to my studies.
The Visitors Book for November is now available

November 9th 1996

The October page of the Visitors book is now available

October 20th 1996

The September page of the Visitors book is now available for those who like to read this sort of thing.
The Arachnid area has been updated again by the addition of apage on the Solifugae, otherwise known as Wind Scorpions or Sun Scorpions

October 16th 1996

Their is now something up on the Uropygi otherwise known as Whip Scorpions or Vinegarones, and a very little on their tiny cousins the Palpigradi

October 14th 1996

The Solitary Bees page now has text as well as images. I have started doing book reviews, a useful way of augmenting my library, so if you by any of the books reviewed there do tell them you read about them on GEHP. They are mostly taxonomic works from Pensoft and Fitzgerald so far but I am hoping more will be available soon.

September 29th 1996

The Symphyta (Sawflies and friends) now have their own page. Unfortunately all the image files were lost during reformatting my PC, and the floppies have gone missing, it will be a while but I will get them done again. I have updated the links on most of the Hymenopteran pages while I was at it.

September 24th 1996

I have finally got around to getting a question button up on the button board. And My visitors Book Record for August is now available.

5th of September 1996

The PSG and Phasmida pages have been improved with 10 lovelly new Scanning Electron Micrographs of Stick-Insect ova (eggs) supplied by Klaus Lipinski.

September 2nd 1996

New front page, this is now a 'frame' with a set of buttons at the top for those that didn't see it on the way in.
A whole new section has been added to the spider page on household spiders in Britain.
The Solitary Wasps page has a new couple of paragraphs on the BeeWolf Philanthus triangulum, as well as 4 photos of it, 3 of Cerceris arenaria, and 1 of Ammophila sabulosa
Ground Beetles has been added to the list of Coleoptera pages.
I have corrected typos and made small changes to about 35 files, only another 70 to check. There are new images of varying quality on the Orthoptera and Coccinelidae pages.
Three new pages have been added to the list of care sheets, these are on Ground Beetles, Collembola and Woodlice, this last includes a couple of simple experiments suitable for schools.
I have added a number of new subdirectories to the ./images/ directory, and moved some files around, I hope this doesn't cause anybody any discomfort reguarding links to the images but the 'animals' directory was getting unmanageable.
I think all the links at the bottom of the pages that pointed back to the front page work now. (Why don't you tell me these things??)



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