Lichen Bibliography

The following books are not arranged in any particular order, most of them are still in print.


Lichens and Air Pollution A Study of Cryptogamic Epiphytes and Environment in the Stockholm Region by E Skye
Ecology of Vascular Epiphytes in West African Rain Forest by D Johansson
Air Pollution and Lichens by BW Ferry, MS Baddeley and DL Hawksworth
America Arctic Lichens 2 vols by John W Thomson
An Analysis of the Lichen Flora of Mongolia by NS Golubkova
An Analysis of the Lichenoflora of the Ukrainian Carpathians by MF Makarevich
Atlas of Distribution of Lichens in Ukrainian Carpathians by MF Makarevich
Atlas of the Geographical Distribution of Lichens in Poland Series Editors: Stanislaw Cieslinski and Wieslaw Faltynowicz
Index to Type Specimens of Australian Lichens: 1800 by 1984 by B Filson
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Bestimmungsschlüssel Europäischer Flechten by J Poelt
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 34: A Monograph of the Saxicolous Lecideoid Lichens of Australia (excl. Tasmania) by G Rambold
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 37: Eine Revision der Lichenologischen Arten der Sammelgattung Rosellina (Ascomycetes) by M Matzer
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 38: Contributions to Lichenology in Honour of A Henssen Edited by HM Jahns
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 40: A Key to the Microlichens of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka by D Awasthi
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 41: Zur Kenntnis der Flechtenflora am Hohen Meissner und in Seinem Vorland (Hessen) unter besonderer by H Summerling
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 42: Flechtenverbreitung und Klima: Vegetationsokologische Untersuchungen zur Rolle der Flechten in by H Scholler
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 43: Flechten als Bioindikatoren: Integriertes Messsystem der Luftverschmutzung fur das Schweizer by R Herzig and M Urech
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 44: A Monograph of the Pyrenilaceae (excluding Anthracothecium and Pyrenula) and the Requiennellaceae with notes on the Pleomassariaceae the Trypetheliaceae and Mycomicrothelia (Lichenized and Non by Lichenized Ascomycetes) by A Aptroot
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 45: Sorwdiose, Corticole Krustenflechten im Ostalpenraum. 1. Die Flechtenstoffe und die Gesicherte Verbreitung der besser bekannten Arten. by E Schreiner and J Hafellner
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 46: Studies in Pseudocyphellaria (Lichens) 3: The South American Species by DJ Galloway
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 47: Ecologia Liquenica nos Manguezais do Sul by Sudeste Brasileiro by MP Marcelli
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 48: The Inter by Lecanoralean Associations by G Rambold and D Triebel
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 48 Studies on lichenology with emphasis on chemotaxonomy, geography and phytochemistry: Festschrift Christian Leuckert Edited by J by G Knoph, K Shrüfer and HJM Sipman
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 54: El Genero de Hongos Liquenizados Lecanactis (Ascomycotina) by JM Egea and P Torrente
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 57: Studies in Lichnology with Emphasis on Chemotaxonomy, Geography and Phytochemistry Edited by J Knoph, K Schrufer and Sipman
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 58 Scripta Lichenologica: Lichenological Papers Dedicated to Antonin Vezda Edited by EE Farkas, R Lücking and V Wirth
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 60 Die Flechtengattung Biatora in Europa by C Printzen
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 61 The Lichenicolous Heterobasidiomycetes by P Diederich
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 63 Biomonitoring mit Ephilithischen und Epiphytischen Fletchen in Einem Belastungsgebiet (Berlin) by Uwe Mezger
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 64 Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi from New Guinea by A Aptroot, P Diederich, E Serusiaux and HJM Sipman
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 65 Additions and Corrections to the Knowledge of the Foliicolous Lichen Flora of Costa Rica. The Family Gomphilaceae by Robert Lücking
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 66 Die Erdflechtenvegetation Nordwestdeutschlands und Einiger Randgebiete Vegetationsökologische Untersuchengen unter besonderer Berüchsichtigung des Chemismus ausgewähter Arten by Susanne Maria Paus
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 67 New Species and Novel Aspects in Ecology and Physiology of Lichens: In honour of OL Lange Edited by L Kappen
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 68 Progress and Problems in Lichenology in the Nineties Edited by Roman Turk and Roberto Zorer
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 69 The Lichen Genus Pertusaria in Australia by Alan W Archer
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 70 Catalogue of the Lichens of the Smaller Pacific Islands by JA Elix and PM McCarthy
Bibliotheca Lichenologica: Band 73 Parmotrema and Allied Lichen Genera in Papua New Guinea by SHJJ Louwhoff and JA Elix
Biologie der Flechten by G Masuch
Biologie der Flechten by G Masuch
The Biology of Lichens by ME Hale
Lichens on Trees A Guide to Some of the Commonest Species by A Orange
A Census Catalogue of Welsh Lichens by RG Woods and A Orange
Checklist of Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland by OW Purvis, BJ Coppins and PW James
Checklist of New Zealand Lichens by DJ Galloway
Cladonia: A Field Guide by NG Hodgetts
Conspectus of the Lichen Flora of the People`s Republic of Mongolia by NS Golubkova
Dictionary of Lichenology by Kenneth Allen Hornak
Eesti Suur by Samblikud (Macrolichens of Estonia) by H Trass and T Randlane
Ekologisk Katalog över Lavar (The Lichens of Sweden and their Ecology) by T Hallingbäck
An Enumeration of Lichens in China by W Jiang by chun
Epiphytic Lichens in the Zone of Coniferous by broadleaved Forests in the Conditions of Industrial Pollution by AN Zhidkov
Lichens and Air Pollution by Frank S Dobson
Lichens of Rocky Shores by Frank S Dobson
Flechtenflora Bestimmung und Okologische Kennzeichnung der Flechten Südwestdeutschlands und angrenzender Gebiete by Volkmer Wirth
Die Flechten Baden by Wurttembergs Two volumes by V Wirth
Flechten Follmann: Contributions to Lichenology to Honour of Gerhard Follman Edited by FJA Daniels, M Schulz and J Peine
Flechten von Nord by und Mitteleuropa (Lichens of North & Mid by Europe) Ein Bestimmungsbuch by R Moberg and I Holmasen
Die Flechten Schleswig by Holsteins by Rote Liste Florogenetic Analysis of Lichens of the Caucasus Major and the Problems of their Conservation by VS Novruzov
Checklist of Australian Lichens and Allied Fungi by Rex B Filson
Forest Carpet New Zealand's Little by noticed Forest Plants: Mosses, Lichens, Liverworts, Hornworts, Forkferns, and Lycopods by B Malcolm and N Malcolm
Lichens in Southern Woodlands by K Broad
The Genus Stereocaulon in the Territory of the Former USSR by AV Dombrovskaya
Greenland Lichens by Steen Hansen and Jorgen Andersen
A Guide to Lichens by VA Tychinin
Guide des Lichens Symbiose, Bio by Indication, Flore by C Van Haluwyn and M Lerond
Handbook of the Lichens of Russia, Vol. 7: Lecideaceae (Lecidea), Micarwaceae (Micarea, Psilolechia), Porpidiaceae (Amygdalaria), Bellemerea, Clauzadea, Farnoldia, Immersaria, Koerberiella, Porpidia, Stenhammarella) by MP Andreev et al
Identification of Parmelia on CD by Rom by British Lichen Society
Lavflora Norske busk by og bladlav by H Krog, H Osthagen and T Tonsberg
Lichens by AL Smith
The Lichenologist, Volume 30: Proceedings of the Symposium Taxonomy, Evolution and Classification of Lichens and Related Fungi, London, January 1998 Edited by M Wedin, T Tonsberg and Brown DH
Lichen Atlas of the British Isles: Fascicle 1 (with binder) Parmelia (47 British Species) Edited by MRD Seaward
Lichen Atlas of the British Isles: Fascicle 2 Cladonia Part 1 (59 species) Edited by MRD Seaward
Lichen Atlas of the British Isles : Fascicle 3 The Foliose Physciaceae (Anaptychia, Heterodermia, Hyperphyscia, Phaeophyscia, Physcia, Physconia, Tornabea) Edited by MRD Seaward
Lichens of the Altai and Kuznetsky Upland: Conspectus of the Flora by NV Sedelnikova
Lichen Biology Edited by Thomas H Nash III
The Lichens of British Columbia: Illustrated Keys, Part 1 Foliose and Squamulose Species by T Goward, B McCune and D Meidinger
Lichens of the Baikalian Mountain Ridge by TV Makryi
Lichens of the Baikalsky Nature Reserve. (Annotated Checklist) by IN Urbanavicene and GP Urbanavicius
Lichens of California by ME Hale and M Cole
Lichens from Central East Greenland by ES Hansen
Lichens of the Family Acarosporaceae in the USSR by NS Golubkova
The Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland Edited by OW Purvis, BJ Coppins, DL Hawksworth, PW James and DM Moore
The Lichen Genus Usnea Subgenus Neuropogon by F Joy Walker
The Lichens of Israel by Margalith Galun
Lichens: An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species by Frank S Dobson
The Lichens of the Khibiny Mountains by AV Dombrovskaya
Lichens by Lichenes, 1: Sphaeriales to Lecideales by EI Andreeva
Lichens by Lichenes, 2: Lecideales to Lecanorales by EI Andreeva
Lichens by Lichenes, 3: Lecanorales to Physciales by EI Andreeva
Lichenology in Latin America History, Current Knowledge and Application Edited by M Marcelli and MRD Seaward
The Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Sweden and Norway by R Santesson
Lichens of Mountainous Badakhshan by I Kudratov
The Lichen Symbiosis by V Ahmadjian
Lichens of South Australia by RB Filson and RW Rogers
Lichenoflora of the Sanghilen Upland by NV Sedelnikova
Lichenoflora of the Talysh Mountains (General Part) by SO Barkhalov
Lichenographia Thompsoniana: North American Lichenology in Honor of John W. Thomson Edited by MG Glenn, RC Harris, R Dirig and MS Cole
Lichenographia Universalis by E Acharius
Lobarion Lichens as Indicators of the Primeval Forests of the Eastern Carpathians Darwin International Workshop, 25 by 30 May 1998, Kostrino, Ukraine by SY Kondratyuk and BJ Coppins
Macrolichens of East Africa by TDV Swinscow and H Krog
The Lichens of Italy An Annotated Catalogue by Pier Luigi Nimis
I Licheni di Calabria by Domenico Puntillo
Pollution Monitoring with Lichens by DHS Richardson
A New Checklist of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Insular Laurimacaronesia Including a Lichenological Bibliography for the Area by Josef Hafellner
Lichens by Oliver Gilbert
New Zealand Lichens Checklist, Key and Glossary by WM Malcolm and DJ Galloway
Niebla and Vermilacinia (Ramalinaceae) from California and Baja California by Richard W Spjut
Nordic Lichen Flora Volume 1 Introductory Parts: Calicioid Lichens and Fungi Edited by Teuvo Ahti et al
The Lichen Genus Physcia in North America J Thomson
Foliicolous Lichens A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Lichen Flora of Costa Rica, Central America by Robert Lücking
A Monograph of the Lichen genus Coccocarpia by Lars Arvidsson
The Genera Dirina and Roccellina (Roccellaceae) by A Tehler
The Genera Bryocaulon, Coelocaulon and Cornicularia and Formerly Associated Taxa by I Kärnefelt
The Lichen Genus Chiodecton and Five Allied Genera by G Thor
A Monograph of the Genus Toninia (Lecideaceae, Ascomycetes) by E Timdal
The Genus Schismatomma (Arthoniales, Euascomycetidae) by A Tehler
A Monograph of the Genus Vulpicida (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycetes) by J by E Mattsson
The Corticolous and Lignicolous Species of Bacidia and Bacidina in North America by Stefan Ekman
Physiological Ecology of Lichens by KA Kershaw
A Practical Guide to Soil Lichens and Bryophytes of Australia's Dry Country by David Eldridge and Merrin E Tozer
Darwin International Workshop, 25 by 30 May 1998, Kostrino, Ukraine by SY Kondratyuk
Quantitative Characteristics of the Condition of Epiphytic Lichenoflora in Biosphere Nature Reserves: the Berezinsky Nature Reserve by GE Insarov and AV Pchelkin
Quantitative Characteristics of the Condition of Epiphytic Lichenoflora in the Kurilsky Nature Reserve by GE Insarov and AV Pchelkin
Red Data Books of Britain and Ireland: Lichens Volume 1: Britain by JM Church, BJ Coppins, OL Gilbert, PW James and NF Stewart
A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer by James N Corbridge and William A Weber
The Second Checklist of Lichen Forming, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi of Ukraine Darwin International Workshop, 25 by 30 May 1998, Kostrino, Ukraine by SY Kondratyuk, Khodosovtsev and SD Zelenko
Lichens by J Laundon
Skyddsvarda Lavar i Sydvastra Sverige by Ulf Arup, Stefan Ekman, Ingvar Karnefelt and Jan by Eric Mattsson
The Threatened Macrolichens of Norway by T Tonsberg, Y Gauslaa, R Haugan, H Holien and E Timdal
Specimin of a Lichenographia Britannica by D Turner and W Borrer
Studies in Pseudocyphellaria (lichens) I. The New Zealand Species by DJ Galloway
Swedish Lichenology Dedicated to Roland Moberg Edited by JE Mattsson, M Wedin and I Hedberg
Syllabus der Boden by , Luft by und Flechtenalgen by H Ettl and G Gartner
Synopsis Methodica Lichenum by E Acharius
Tropical Lichens Their Systematics, Conservation and Ecology Edited by DJ Galloway
Taxonomisk Litteratur och Biogeografi av Skandinaviska Rödalgar och Brunalger by A Athanasiadis
Taxonomic Revision of Peltigera (lichenised Ascomycotina) in Europe by Orvo Vitikainen
Understanding Lichens by George Baron



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