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Even though the whole GEHP site is dedicated to children it is sometimes too serious to be fun, here hopefully you will find things to do with bugs and other stuff that are fun.

If you would like to add anything like a picture, poem or a story please send it to me.
Or even an additional page, I know some of you are better than I am at html already.



Books about Bugs for Kids

If you are going to buy these books get them from Amazon, it will help keep these pages free.

Some Cool Links

A Cool JS Periodic Table If your doing Physics or Chemistry you will want to bookmark this.
A 3x3 sliding puzzles Based on that "What is it? An old Wowan or a young Girl" picture.
Hangman No visuals and the words are pretty hard but a good way to increase your vocabulary

The crossword can only be printed properly from Microsoft Internet Explorer. I am sorry about this but Netscape just doesn't print the 'bgcolor' inside of tables yet.







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